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Case of the Month - November 2014

When social-media prowess became a requisite parenting skill...


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Case of the Month - October 2014

A French duke accused of serving human flesh to soliders...

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Court of Appeal Restricts Liability for Facebook Page Hosts

Last Friday afternoon, the Court of Appeal delivered judgment in Murray v Wishart. Amongst a host of issues, the Court revisited the liability for Facebook page hosts in respect of comments posted by third parties.

The High Court judgment – the decision appealed against – had held that Facebook page hosts were to be regarded as liable publishers of third parties’ defamatory comments under two circumstances:

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Case of the Month - September 2014

The dangers of marriage in turn-of-the-century Auckland…

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Case of the Month - August 2014

A world record and its courtroom aftermath...


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Case of the Month - July 2014

A tale of fortune telling and its detractors in 1980s Dunedin...

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Restaurant reviewers beware

A recently concluded Australian case is a useful reminder for food reviewers not to fudge the facts or overcook the goose.

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Newly appointed QC has defamation background

Matthew McClelland QC. PHOTO: Harbour Chambers

Newly appointed Queen's Counsel Matthew McClelland has a strong background in defamation matters.

The Wellington-based Harbour Chambers barrister – and former partner of Kensington Swan – has a broad practice, and is highly regarded for his work in professional discipline, medico-legal issues, coronial inquests, and resource management. But his contribution to the world of defamation should not be overlooked.

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