Last updated 1 February 2018

D-U records New Zealand court judgments that involve the publication of alleged defamation. These judgments are listed in reverse-chronological order (i.e. the most recent judgment listed first).

D-U's case lists are not exhaustive: (a) court judgments are not always reduced to writing; (b) the law reports and electronic databases do not contain all written court judgments; (c) jury verdicts are not published in the law reports or in electronic legal databases; (d) only the most notable – and obtainable – District Court judgments are included; (e) Minutes of the Court, trial rulings, and minor procedural matters are included only where obtainable and where they canvass important defamation principles; and (f) D-U makes the editorial decision not to include certain judgments on occasion, such as if they lack material value or there are suppression-order or confidentiality concerns.


Nothing on this website constitutes legal advice. Potential defamation litigants should ensure that they obtain appropriate legal advice tailored to their specific circumstances.

Whilst D-U strives to keep its list of cases up-to-date, no responsibility is accepted for doing so.  (If readers notice a certain judgment missing, please Contact Us and we will endeavour to add it.)  

D-U does not express any view concerning the validity of the findings of fact made by the courts whose decisions are listed. Findings of fact may be discussed or referred, however, to the extent necessary to provide context for a court's decision.