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Welcome back to our followers from around New Zealand, the Pacific and, indeed, the globe.

We've been busy over the Christmas period updating various matters...  

The cases for 2015 are now complete, with several judgments being made publicly available just before Christmas. 

We have profiled some new cases in our Case of the Month section, including--

  • a Chinese case (our second Chinese defamation case reviewed) featuring an employee's blunder of rather staggering proportions - see THE FUNERAL;
  • a recent judgment from Brisbane, where a lawyer took offence to being compared to Dennis Denuto, a charater from the Aussie classic The Castle - see THE FAMILY SQUABBLE; and
  • for our legal eagles, an important recent judgment handed down in the Auckland High Court, containing valuable commentary on pleadings in social-media cases - see JUSTICE COURTNEY'S CHRISTMAS GIFT FOR PRACTITIONERS.       

In 2016, we will be tweaking our Guide to Defamation Law - comfortably our most popular resource - to provide more information, as well as judgments on the various legal precedents.

And, as always, our Twitter feed will keep tabs on the latest news in the world of defamation.

We look forward to your company this year.

-- Editor